Creativity Explored – Visual art center for people with disabilities


I got busted by a flat foot last week, but not before I snagged these photos of artist Daniel Green's work showing in an exhibition of developmentally challenged folk of the arts organization Creativity Explored in San Francisco.


The building I work in (which is an open/public access space in the Financial District) collaborates with various organizations to to curate rotating shows primarily for the benefit of tenants and visitors of The Mills Building.

"NO foto," the security guard barked waddling toward me from the west side of 220 Montgomery.  I smiled, tucked my iPhone in my front left trouser pocket and proceeded to Cave Venue for my large steak salad.


 Daniel's work and the whole show had a feel of controlled obsession.  I became very curious about the organization and wanted to know more about Daniel.

About Daniel from Creativity Explored:

A San Francisco native of African-American and Samoan descent, Daniel Green was born in 1985 and is one of the youngest artists in the Creativity Explored studio. He began working in the studio on a full-time basis in January 2008.

Green’s artwork conveys an intense and playful fascination with American entertainment and popular culture. Typically working on wood, he draws in ink, figures from television, politics, sports, or history, and then carefully lists dates, titles of shows and songs, cities, and names. The extensive listings crowd the surface in sculptural columns and are seemingly unrelated to his delicately rendered drawings.


Needless to say, I am a new fan!